Great Eastern Takaful Distributes Surplus and Investment Profits to its Certificate Holders

Great Eastern Takaful Berhad (GETB) has distributed surplus and investment income to its certificate holders for the financial year 2015. Eligible customers of GETB will receive a proportionate rate from the surplus of the Tabarru fund which is the pool of funds contributed by participants with the intention of helping one another in case of an unfortunate event. At the same time GETB will also distribute proceeds from the investment of the Participant’s Investment Account (PIA), which is the certificate holders’ savings account.
Encik Zafri Ab Halim, Chief Executive Officer of GETB commented, “We are pleased to announce the distribution of both surplus and investment income despite the challenging economic conditions in 2015. This was achieved at the back on strong business growth and sound risk management practises.”
Slightly over 380,000 entitled certificate holders of the Company’s Family Takaful Plan, from a range of their innovative products, including but not limited to i-Great Damai, i-Great Amal, i-Great Teras, i-Great Idaman, Group Term Takaful Plans as well as Credit related plans will receive their share of the surplus from the Tabarru fund and investment income amounting to RM20.4million.
Encik Zafri added, “I would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for putting their trust in us and subscribing in our products. We shall continue to manage our investments and the Tabarru funds prudently.”
Today Great Eastern Takaful protects and serves over 400,000 Malaysians with the market share of 7.4%.

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