How to be a Great Eastern Takaful Agent/Advisor

There are 3 categories of advisors.

If you are a senior advisor/agent or Unit Manager from other insurance/takaful/unit trust/MLM companies you can apply for a Unit Manager post or Group Agency Manager post directly.

If you are a new takaful advisor and would like to join in a fresh new takaful company, you can apply for agent post.

The requirements:

  1. Passed SPM (minima lulus 5 matapelajaran)
  2. 18 years old min and 55 years old max
  3. Passed TBE (Takaful Basic Exam)

Document Required:

  1. 4 latest colour passport size photograph
  2. 1 copy of your IC
  3. 1 copy of SPM or Diploma/Degree
  4. 1 copy of Public Islamic Bank Account Details (front page)
  5. Copy of TBE Exam Result or Certificate
  6. Resignation letter from previous Takaful operator (if applicable)

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