Apa itu i Great Damai

Enjoy the finer things in life with affordable comprehensive protection. :)

i-Great Damai

Living life to the fullest is about achieving all that you can. You want the freedom to meet your expectations in life without worrying about the future. You want the opportunity to realise these goals while staying protected, financially and medically.

What is i-Great Damai

i-Great Damai offers a combination of Takaful protection and investment, which protects your family against financial difficulty upon your Death or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD). With a minimum of just RM100 per month, you can enjoy coverage while your contribution allocation increases over time.

What is the minimum and maximum age at entry?

The minimum age at entry is 30 days attained age (19 years next birthday for certificate ownership) and the maximum is 70 years next birthday.

What is the minimum contribution?

The minimum contribution for this plan is RM100 a month or RM1,200 per year.

How do I make my contribution?

This is an annual contribution plan but you have the flexibility to make your contribution by GIRO, Banker’s Order and credit card on an annually, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly basis. Cash and Cheque are allowed only for annual mode basis.

What are the exclusions of the certificate?

Some of the exclusions under this plan include:

a) Pre-existing condition;

b) Death during the first certificate year as a result of suicide, while sane or insane; and

c) Total and Permanent Disability resulting from self-inflicted injuries, while sane or insane

The exclusions and limitations of benefits highlighted above may not be exhaustive. Full details are in the certificate document issued by the Takaful Operator.

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